On our way from colloquium to the Great Dane for dinner and beers last night, Kellen, Mitch, Brent, Paul, and I decided to walk through the capitol. When we had passed through the rotunda, we noticed that the far entrance was closed due to construction. We backtracked and ducked down a corridor to the right, headed in the direction of Monona Terrace, and saw a few gentlemen coming down a set of stairs. One said good evening to us, and wished us a good night. We returned the greeting.
As we rounded the corner and headed out the doors into the chilly night, Paul turned to us and said, “That was the governor.”
“That was Jim Doyle?!” exclaimed Brent. “I now love Jim Doyle!”
An open state house, chance encounters with your elected representatives, food and drink with friends: it makes you feel good.


4 thoughts on “Doyleriffic.

  1. That reminds me of the time I was in Madison back in high school and my friend and I decided to explore the capitol building and inadvertantly walked into a senate vote.

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